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Taking Photos of Nudists Naturists

Photography On Nude Beaches
Ethics. Ettiquite. Etc.

Like everybody else, we enjoy looking at photographs. As long as the subjects are adults (20 years old and up), we quite like non-sexual images of those enjoying the clothing-optional lifestyle. We live in a particularly cold climate so the opportunity to go nude outdoors happens only a few days out of the year if our vacation budget is low. For that reason looking at photos of naturist vacations makes us smile.

Nudist / Naturist Photography
Issues to Consider

1. Some people (clothed or otherwise) simply do not like having their picture taken.. My mother once defined rude behaviour as that which makes another uncomfortable. Thus taking someone's photo when you know they would rather not have it taken is rude. Politeness - good. Rudeness - bad.

2. If you're at a naturist club as opposed to a public beach, it's likely that no cameras are allowed. If you're not sure, ask.

3.We shouldn't even need to say this, but a naturist taking a photo of friends and family with a pocket disposable is one thing, some fully-clothed clown snapping away with a camera avec mega-zoom lens is another. That said, even if you are nude and simply taking pics of your pals, expensive-looking camera gear can make people nervous. Be sensitive to those around you and put your camera away if you're detracting from somebody else's enjoyment of the day.

3. If you do not have a digital camera, the photos have to be processed somewhere. Many would-be nudist / naturist photographers are frightened that the photo-lab may object and create trouble of some kind. A list of Discreet processors can be found at http://directory.google.com/Top/Adult/Shopping/Photographs/Film_Processing/ (Not an endorsement, but we'd love to hear if you've had good, bad or indifferent experiences developing your naturist photos.)

4. Some excellent guidelines regarding nudist / naturist photograhy can be found at the Naturist UK Site.

5. Ethics? A well-written and thoughtful comentary on nudist naturist photography can be found at JMF's.

Samaurai Beach Olympics Photos

Putting photos up on these pages is problematic because we get THOUSANDS of people visiting every week, and every time someone clicks on a picture it costs us money. We have a couple of ads up to defray costs, but we still have to limit our photo galleries to fellow naturists who send us pics and trip reports from their vacations. Simply put. We show you photos from our collections if you show us yours.


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