Naturists Attempt To Reclaim Rooster Rock Beach From Deviants

Rooster Rock State Park, Oregon


Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Naturists are working in conjunction with the Oregon State Parks & Recreation Department to make Rooster Rock Beach less appealing to those who engage in the illicit activity that drove many naturist families away.

The traditionally nude portion of the beach has been overtaken by thick underbrush, providing a cover of sorts for lewd and illegal behavior. Over the years the Park has earned an unsavory reputation for both its overt sexual activity and the existence of clothed gawkers hiding in the bush. Although those participating in such behavior have occasionally been issued citations by officials, the crimes are considered to be misdemeanors and rarely result in arrests. Although the lewd activity has reportedly declined recently, Rooster Rock's reputation remains tarnished. As a result, naturists, especially those with families, have stayed away from the location in droves. About 50 naturist volunteers will work with the State Department to undergo a three-step plan to reclaim the officially-designated nude beach for whom the area was intended.

The first phase of the reclamation project is to put up numerous signs in the park proclaiming the beach as a clothing-optional area.

The second stage involves cropping the underbrush in and around the clothing optional area and bringing in additional sand to create a beach volleyball court.

The third stage is the widening of the trail to Sand Island and the clearing of more underbrush.

Roster Rock State park is located approximately 23 miles east of Portland. Those interested in participating in the reclamation project can e-mail Mark Storey of the Naturist Action Committee at storey98@aol.com.



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