Nude War Protest

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"The women here today represent the mainstream of this country. They’ve never been in a ‘protest’ before, ever. They cared enough today to send the message that the human body is not created to bear violence and war. We women in particular are created to bear life, the future, peace. If we must bare our bodies in order to send this message clearly, then so be it."
Zhenya Nichols - Peace Activist

"It's ridiculous to suggest that we'll change our opinion on Iraq after seeing 1000 nude women forming letters on a hillside, like some soft porn Sesame Street sketch."
Tim Ferguson - The Age

From Byron Bay in Sydney, Australia to Santiago, Chilie. From Vancouver, British Columbia to New York, New York. People are gathering en mass without clothing to protest the conflict in Iraq. Nudists have a long history of being politically active, but interestingly a lot of those participating in these nude protests aren't nudists at all , but people who feel the only way to get a jaded media to pay attention to them is by getting naked.. But is it effective? A Univeristy of Toronto Professor has said the nude protesters are extremely "savy" whilst others pull out every pun in the book to ridicule their efforts. Take a look at our summary of recent events, editorials and photo-links. Then (gasp!) ... we give you the opportunity to express your own viewpoint and have it be seen instantly in our inter-active comments section!.

A Summary of Nude Protest:

Fayetteville, Arkansas, US - Monday, March 20, 2003

"I've been telephoning and writing, and nothing was happening, so we decided to do a little drama here."
Diana Rivers - 71 Year-Old Organizer

Nine Women wearing nothing but masks and body paint stop traffic near the University Of Arkansas.

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Sofia, Bulgaria - Monday, March 10, 2003

"She's neither for Iraq, nor against the United States, but for peace".
Martin Karbovski - Organizer

Former Miss Bulgaria, Tania Karabelova stripped to a not-so-stragetigically-placed flag of her country to protest military escalation in Iraq. The model made her appeal in front of the US embassy in Sofia.

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Chapel Hil, North Carolina, US - Tuesday, March 4, 2003

" "Going naked, that was the original plan. "I think it was the police presence that stopped us in regard to going naked. ."
Bill Gural -Peace Activist
A group called "Naked People for Peace" chose to go "almost naked" to avoid indecent exposure charges during their anti-war demonstration through the local university campus grounds and the city centre of Chapel Hill, N.C.
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Byron Bay - Sydney, Australia, Sunday, March 2, 2003

"These women, and myself included, aren't comfortable getting naked. I'm very uncomfortable with it, I have to say, but we're doing it to make a point.If we have to get uncomfortable to get our opinions heard, then we'll bloody well do that."
Shirley Knight - Jazz Singer and Peace Activist

In a sequel of sorts to a similar event held in Bryon Bay in February, over 300 women used their nude bodies to spell out "No War" on a sports field.
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Santiago, Chile - Saturday March 1, 2003

"This is a call to society to join together and get naked now against the war because it means getting rid of clothing, uniforms, social classes, flags and ideologies -- all those things that divide us."
Francisco Elgueta - Santiago Nude Protest Organiser

300 Chileans marched nude in a park in Santiago Chili. They young men and women joined together singing folk protest songs and shouting anti-war slogans. The crowd then dressed and made their way to the Presidential Palace where police hosed them with water cannons and made numerous arrests.

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Vancouver, British Columbia - Saturday, Februray 23, 2003

About 50 protester used their bicycles and nude bodies to create a living "peace sign" on a hill in downtown Vancouver. "Artists Against the War"
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Byron Bay - Sydney, Australia - Saturday, February 23, 2003

"Men of all shapes and sizes laid down their weapons and overcame fears of exposure to make the protest,"
Cameron Sparkes-Carroll - Organizer

About 250 men took off their clothes Sunday and lay down to spell out the words "Peace Man" on a rugby field to protest the Australian government's strong support for Washington's hard-line stance against Iraq.
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Byron Bay, Australia - Saturday, February 8, 2003

"I really realize now when I look up here and see all these women, they're desperate to let our prime minister hear how very very angry they are at what he's doing and how much they disagree with what's happening,"
Grace Knight - Organizer

In the largest nude war protest yet, 750 nude women form a heart around the words 'No War' on a hillside.
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New York, New York - Friday, February 7, 2003
"As we lay in the snow we screamed sentiments like "read my lips Bush!"

30 women braved the biting cold and snow to spell out the words, "No Bush" NYC's Central Park at Bethesda Fountain.
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