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Negril, Jamaica!

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Hedonism II
Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica!></a><font size=
Negril Beach, Jamaica

Bring one of those pre-paid calling cards from Home. Using long distance here is quite expensive!

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General Info:

There's a lot of nonsense posted about Hedonism on the internet. No it is not a non-stop orgy of sin, sex, and degradation. In fact there is a rule that forbids public sexual activity. Nor is it really a place for singles to go hoping to get laid: the clientel are mostly couples. That said, the atmosphere is sexually charged and a non-stop party ideal for those open-minded to new adventures. Hedonsim II is made up of two areas: the "nude side" and the "prude side." The nude side has a misting pool complete with waterfall, an exceptional nude beach (hence the term "nude side") and a big pool with swim-up bar. Activities include wet t-shirt contests, body painting, nude volleyball, mummy-wrapping (mummy wrapping???!!!), nude twister, toga parties, pajama parties, dancing parities, party parties, and party-party parties!


Well, this is an all-inclusive resort, so the only directions you need are: call travel agent, pay money, & go to Hedonism! Once you've flown into Montego Bay you will be put on a bus that will take you and fellow guests to the resort. The ride is about two hours and gives you the opportuntiy to make acquaintances with fellow partiers before you even get to the resort. There is a "puddle jumper" flight available for an additional charge.

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