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A Day At Wreck Beach!
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Bum Of the Week!      Bum Of The Week! Wanna bigger bum?

Brown Bums. White bums! Red Bums! Olive Bums! Large, small and petite derrieres: nothing says body-freedom like a lovely pair of buttocks on a naturist beach!

Dear Aaron and Abby,

After my first day at Gunnison Beach, I'm curious, What are those little"hats" some men wear on the end of their penis?" More

There's a spectacular view! It's easy to get to! And it's the closet thing you can get to jumping into a time machine set for 1969!!



The clinical term for hairy buttocks is:

1. Daysypgal
2. Glutumus Hirsuteness.
3. Hairy Buttocks


Nudist / Naturist Jargon

When we first started hanging out at nude beaches, a few turns of phrase perplexed us. I admit that I once thought a textile beach was a location of a clothing factory near the ocean.

I was wrong.

Here are a few words you'll hear whilst going for no-tan-lines fun!

Clothing Optional: (C.O.): Wear a Swimsuit. Or not. Your Choice.
Free Beach: A nude beach.
Gawkers: People who stare. Some beaches are worse than others for this.
Landed Club: A naturist group with its own area where you can go nude.
Non-Landed Club: A naturist group which meets at a designated area.
Nudist Colony: An antiquated term for naturist club.
Smoothie: A man or woman with a shaved pubic area.
Textile: The area of a clothing optional beach where swim-suite wearing humans congregate. Can also be used to describe a non-nudist.
Topfree: Uncovered breasts.
: Uncovered breasts. This word is generally not used in beach parlance as the word brings up images of strip clubs and various unsavory elements.

POP QUIZ Answer:

#1: Daysypgal is correct!


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