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It is our goal to share everything we know about nudism & naturism with you in the hopes that you'll share your experiences with us! Our guides to nude beaches are submitted by real nudists and naturists... Just like you! Here you'll find tons of info, pics, guides, an faq, trip reports, a message board and MORE!

While the human body is nothing to be ashamed of... if you are under 18, please ask your parents to look at the site with you. If for whatever reason you do not wish to view non-sexual photos of nude beaches, please use your "back" button to leave this site.

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Nude Beaches:
Feature Beach Guide
     Prahia Do Pinho, Brazil
Prahia Do Pinho, Santa Cantarina

Dinho & Jô enthusistically promote naturism in Brazil with this wonderful guide to the astonishingly lovely Prahia Do Pinho beach in Santa Cantarina.

Taking Photos At Nude Beaches...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking photos at nude beaches... except when there is. Read our guide on the do's and don'ts of photography for nudists & naturists. With tips, links for further reading and photos.

For Nudists and Naturists:
Who? What? Where? Why? How? Does it come in beige?


Jazz Singer Leads 300 In Nude Peace Rally (March 2)
Australian Jazz Singer Grace Knight was one of 300 who went nude at Leichhardt Oval in Sydey Australia. Knight called the experience "empowering."
250 Men Launch Nude War Protest (Feb 23)
Following the example led by over 750 women who recently rallied against Australia's involvement in a possible war against Iraq, a group of men disrobed to spell out the words "peace man" in Byron Bay this past weekend.
Nude Radio Interview Canceled (Feb 20)
A BBC radio interview between popular UK DJ John Peel and nude rights activist Steve Gough was canceled after the interviewee refused to put some clothes on.
Artist Plasters 240 Nude Volunteers (Feb 18)
"...The volunteers - aged from five to 95 and of all shapes and sizes - gathered at the Baltic Arts Centre in Gateshead as the project began."
"It Ain't Your Parent's Nudist Colony..." (Feb 17)
"Nudism no longer means hippies in fields in sleeping bags around a bonfire," says resort staffer.
Nude Demonstrators Ask For Peace, Free Speach (Feb 17)
Many of the participants came from the Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort in Loxahatchee, Florida. The State of Florida's attempts to block the protest were nixed by a federal court judge who Ok'd the rally.
29 Couples Wed at Mass Nude Ceremony (Feb 15)
Valentine's day ceremony at the Hedonism 3 Resort likely to set Record. Couples included Americans, Canadians, a Russian, and an aboriginal named "two bears."

Clothes-Free Cruises Shipping Out In Larger Numbers (Feb 7)
Travel agencies report a surge in the popularity of cruises without clothing
City Council Approves Naturist Swims (Feb 4)
"...Torn between individual expression and social acceptance, the Saline City Council voted to keep renting the Woodland Road facility to the Southeast Michigan Naturists"

Hotel Reject's Yoga Class for Nudists (Jan 20)
Although Interest was "overwhelming, a New York CPA has canceled his clothes-free yoga classes because hotel management couldn't get final approval from the owner in time.
We've Reached Cruising Altitude: Please Remove Clothes (Jan 17)
A travel agency that specializes in clothing-optional vacations has chartered a 172-seat Boeing 727 for a flight from Miami to Cancun in May.

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SPIKE! Upcoming Volleyball Tournaments for
Nudists / Naturists
March 6-10: LakeComo Superbowl South Volleybal Tourney
March 22-24: Desert Shadows Club
April 6: San Onofre Beach Volleyball Tournament
April 7: Deep Creek Hot Springs
May 25: Black's Beach

Take Off On A Nudism Naturism Getaway!
Seeking a vacation where you can hang out with fellow nudists and naturists? Here are some suggestions: Castaway's Travel made headlines recently by offering the world's first clothing-optional air travel. In addition to enjoying the nude beaches of Cancun, you can enjoy the flight wearing nothing but a headset. Getting Married? Consider a clothes-free wedding at Hedonism 3. Like to gamble but don't want to loose your shirt? Try the clothing-optional Casino located on the Ecstasy: a luxury cruise ship which goes on regular nudism naturism cruises run by Bare-Necessities Travel.

Nudism? Naturism? Nudists? Naturists? What's The Difference?

Keen observer that you are, you've probably noticed we've chosen not to specifically user the word "nudism" or "naturism", instead we use both. Does it matter? We don't think so, but some feel quite adamant about the subject. Some nudists don't like to be called naturists and some naturists don't like to be called nudists. If you look it up in the ol' Oxford English dictionary the two words are synonymous, and as far as we're concerned, that's just the way it is. Mr. Oxford should have a beach for nudists and naturists named after him.

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